The Quarelli Art Prize, curated by Francesca Canfora and Daniele Ratti, has been established for the first time with the aim of nourishing and expanding the Parco d'Arte with new works, as well as supporting young artists and budding talents.

The competition notice for the QUARELLI ART PRIZE will offer 10/15 under 45 artists the chance to be selected and to have their work featured inside the collective themed exhibition called TRANSITORY PEOPLE; the exhibition will take place in the park of Roccaverano (AT), starting from Saturday the 11th June until September 2016.

At the end of the exhibit the winning work of the competition will be selected and announced.

By winning the Quarelli Art Prize, the best sculpture will become part of the permanent collection of the park, and its artist will receive a flat-rate award of 8000 euros.

The selected works, whether finished or not, will not only be exhibited in the park, alongside numerous important sculptures; they will also appear in the first published volume of the collection's general catalogue, alongside those of well-known artists.

The works will have to be open-air sculptures or installations of medium/big dimensions and harmonize with the theme of the exhibit TRANSITORY PEOPLE, explained in the notice.

Since it will be an open-air exhibit, the sculptures should have a considerable dimensional presence, in order to avoid disappearing in the rich natural surroundings and for security matters.

The materials will also have to have precise characteristics in terms of durability and resistance.

The artists who have not yet completed their work will have the chance of enjoying an ARTIST RESIDENCY (RESIDENZA D'ARTISTA) at the Quarelli B&B in May, where they will be able to prepare their work.

The owners of the park will make two suitable facilities available for two of the artists who will submit a membership application to the ARTIST RESIDENCY project in the specific box of the participation form.

The residence assignment will be communicated together with the selections of the works that will be exhibited on the 20th April 2016.